“Em’seni” – Place of Grace : Bookings for 2023 now open!



Em’seni is a place of peace, healing and life and we trust that everyone passing through will experience this peace.

Settled at the base of Spioenkop Mountain along the banks of the Tugela River, this awesome Christian Campsite is a place to experience life at its best. We are located in the foothills of the Drakensberg, near Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal.

Em’seni serves as a base for Christian Adventure camps, as well as a range of other camps and retreats. These include outdoor education, confirmation, leadership and prefect training camps as well as numerous school field trips, church groups, spirituality retreats, men’s groups, woman’s camps, leadership courses for children from disadvantaged schools and Spioenkop battle field historical groups.



Christian Adventure Camping- why it is so valuable

Adventure challenge course

  • Genuine community is experienced
  • The ability to spend focused, intentional time together as a group
  • A retreat from the distractions of our over-connected lives
  • The sharing of Life Stories, where masks come off, facades drop and everyone gets real
  • Deeper relationships – with Jesus and with each other
  • More trust built within the group – carrying each other’s’ burdens physically translates into also doing so emotionally
  • The opportunity to be more like Jesus – Jesus had a rhythm of retreat in His ministry, using the outdoors for renewal, teaching, trials, and trust-building
  • God’s creation of the wilderness offers unprecedented beauty and perspective
  • Tomorrow’s leaders are developed today
  • Memories and major life commitments are made

These values drive the Christian Camping movement as a vital instrument of change for individuals and groups

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